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Contract Grass Cutting

Contract Grass cutting is about bringing an open space back to a manageable condition. Be it a field, paddock or back garden that has been left to get out of control, we have the experience, tools and equipment to bring it back to its former glory. 

Depending on your requirements we can transform unattractive overgrown grassland to a low maintenance wildflower meadow, return a lawn back to its former glory or just clear an open space for project or development work. We have the tools and machinery needed to get the job done! With a clear goal in mind, we can devise a detailed step by step plan designed to regain control of your land.

Own a commercial property or large areas of grassland and looking to reduce you maintenance costs?

Wildflower Meadows

We are working to create low height, wildflower meadows in open and neglected grasslands. Not only is this great for the environment and local wildlife but will also reduce your ongoing maintenance costs.


By creating a low maintenance wildflower meadow you can reduce cutting to 1-2 cuts per annum and enjoy a sea of colour and wildlife for the rest of the year. Contact us to find out more or check back here soon.

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